Sad News: Kannywood Actor, Sani Garba SK Is Dead

One of Kannywood’s pioneer members, Sani Garba SK, has died after a protracted illness.

The hilarious actor, who has been battling diabetes since 2019, died on Wednesday evening.

Confirming the death of the actor to Daily Trust, President of Kannywood’s Guild of Actors, Alhassan Kwalle, said, the arrangements for his burial had been concluded.

According to the President, the burial will take place by 8:00am on Thursday.

The late actor’s conditions got worst sometime in November and he was rumoured dead.

Back then, he was compelled to do a video debunking his death news peddled by some social media influencers.

When he became seriously down with the ailment, late Sani appealed to his colleagues in the industry to assist him financially so that he could go to a very good hospital to treat himself.

A lot of Kannywood members reportedly assisted him.

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