Adam A Zango’s Ex-Wife Returns To Kannywood After 13 Years

Amina Uba Hassan, ex-wife of famous Kannywood star, Adam A Zango, has officially returned as a full-time actress.

Amina, known as Maman Haidar, started as an actress in Kannywood in the early 2000s but got married to Zango in 2007.

She gave birth to a baby boy in 2008 and the marriage crashed five months after.

After the failed marriage, the actress maintained a low profile, only for her to resurface in a recent TV series ‘Gidan Danja’ produced by 2Effects.

The Kaduna-born actress said she has come back to the industry stronger than she left, and this time around, the sky is her limit.

“It’s very difficult as a mother and a divorcee to actively get back into the industry successfully after over a decade absence, it took a lot of courage and consultations to be able to make up my mind. It is clear that acting is what I love doing and acting is what I am going to do,” she said.

Fans have been commending her role in the series  being aired on Arewa24.


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