I Have No Best Friend in Kannywood – Nafeesat Abdullahi

The beautiful role interpreter, Nafesat Abdullahi, is no push over when it comes to her craft.

As one of Kannywood’s leading actresses, Abdullahi has starred in some of the biggest movies in her industry, including ‘Dan Marayan Zaki’( 2018).

Beyond acting, the soft-spoken actress is also building a career in filmmaking.

In this interview with us, she speaks more about her love for acting and showbizness.

PT: We understand that you are studying Photography. What inspired this decision?

NAFEESAT: Photography is in line with what I do already, I love to capture the moment, whatever it is, so I decided why not turn it into a career, too; that was what motivated me. I’m currently studying Photography in London, but I’m not done yet.

PT: You are one of Kannywood’s finest actors. What is the secret behind your success?

NAFEESAT: There are no shortcuts to success, I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am today, so I’ll say hard work, determination and persistence are the key, and for me, those are not secrets.

PT: What else are you passionate about, aside from acting?

NAFEESAT: I practise my photography skills; I have a lot of pictures I’ve taken. I don’t even know how many, or I go on a vacation or maybe just stay home and do homely stuff.

PT: What do you think of the Kannywood industry at the present and in the near future?

NAFEESAT: The Kannywood industry has always been one that gets through every hardship just like other industries. The only difference is: we mostly don’t get to know what’s happening in other industries.
So, I’ll say we’re doing so well even without help from the government or anyone, and about the future, let’s just hope for the best. We need more funding and intervention from the federal government.

PT: What do you think of the role you play in the popular drama series, ‘Labarina?’

NAFEESAT: ‘Labarina’ is a very special film to me. Although I’ve played similar characters, this one tops it all because of how people really love it. I enjoy playing roles like that.

PT: Which of your colleagues do you enjoy starring alongside in movies? Any favourite yet?

NAFEESAT: I’ve been asked this question before, I really enjoy working with actors who get into characters without much delay and I work with pretty amazing actors; So, I can’t choose.

PT: Do you have a favourite vacation spot?

NAFEESAT: I can’t really say. Each place I’ve been to has its own uniqueness, and for someone, like me, who likes to explore, I find everywhere I go fascinating.

PT: Who is your best friend in your industry?

NAFEESAT: I am my best friend; isn’t that obvious?

PT: What makes you happy?

NAFEESAT: My most amazing moment is when I see kids who really like what I do; it gives me so much joy. When you’re alive, you can’t really decide your sorrowful moment, I mean, every day comes with its package, let’s just hope for the best always.

PT: Tell us about your recent TPUMPY ambassadorial deal?

NAFEESAT: TPUMPY Concept is a real estate company I’m currently working for (I’m their ambassador, I’ve acquired multiple lands from them since I signed with them, I’ve even bought for my family. This is in addition to other amazing packages I’ve got from them, Like getting a brand new luxury car every year from them, monthly allowances and special payments for social media campaigns.

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