Eversend Virtual Visa Cards Are Now 3D Secure

When it comes to digital security and online transactions, any additional features that help customers secure their money are highly welcome and appreciated. Eversend has introduced a new 3D secure payment feature on their Virtual Dollar Visa Cards to help combat fraudulent usages.

How Will the 3D Secure Payment Work on Eversend Virtual Cards?

If you’re paying with your Eversend virtual card online, they will send you a push notification with a 6 digit code to use on the website or app where you making doing your transaction.

3D stands for “three domains.” and was developed by Visa to help secure transactions between retailers and consumers with an infrastructure that acts as a secure go-between.

Instead of redirecting you to a different page to authenticate your transaction, Eversend’s implementation on the other hand is an effective push notification approach that pops in when it’s needed.

Benefits of 3D Secure Payment Feature

There are many benefits to the 3D secure payments feature but the biggest and most vital upside is the ability to help combat fraud and keep your transactions safe.

Keep in mind, you will sometimes be asked to enter a confirmation code when using your card online. This is not mandatory for every transaction but rather a few flagged suspicious and might save you in case a thief gets hold of the details of your virtual card.

The logical argument or downside is that the 3D secure payment feature adds time to the checkout or transaction process when you verify yourself but isn’t keeping your information safe worth a few extra seconds? Let us know in the comment your experience using the Eversend virtual cards and if this feature is one of the things you have been waiting for.

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