Don’t Buy Instagram Followers, Instead Do This

Don’t buy more Instagram followers – try these top ten tips and watch your followers increase consistently and organically!

Buying Instagram followers can really hurt your account and be damaging in the long run. It is easy to tell when people buy followers because their engagement rate (comments, likes etc) is usually very low in comparison to their number of followers. This can be very off putting for brands and potential clients so it is better to gain followers organically.

In this article I’ll be sharing the ten best ways to increase your Instagram followers. This time last year Sims Home Kitchen had just over 2K followers on Instagram. At the time I was constantly creating new recipes and posting photos on Instagram but I didn’t feel like my content was reaching enough people. As a result, I decided to find out more about the world of Instagram and employ easy and inexpensive ways to grow my account without buying Instagram followers. After one year of following these ten methods, I now have over 10K followers on Instagram!



Instagram is an online social networking platform where people share photos and short videos. It is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and has over 1 billion monthly users and over 500 million daily users. Social media has become a very powerful tool and is used by businesses and individuals to promote products, offer services and share creative content.


Over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to gain Instagram followers. The main issue is the forever changing algorithm.

Algorithm – a detailed series of instructions for carrying out an operation or solving a problem.

Instagram has a series of instructions that determine the visibility of your posts (for example photo quality and engagement level). As a result, content that meets Instagram’s set criteria (algorithm) is more likely to appear in the search and home feed.


There are still plenty of people crushing it on Instagram despite the algorithm. In the list below you’ll find 10 easy and inexpensive ways to increase your Instagram followers and beat algorithm! With the following tried and tested methods you can grow your followers and reach people who are genuinely interested in your niche.

1. BIO

Your Bio is very important because it is the first thing that people will see. Introduce yourself and make it clear what you do. You can also add emojis and hashtags to your bio to make it stand out.

Switch your personal account to a business account and add your contact details, location and website. This will make your profile look more professional and allow people to contact you.


Pick a specific niche and share content that is relevant to your niche. For example if you are a hair stylist then you could post before and after photos and videos of you styling hair. Avoid posting random things that don’t go with your niche.


Instagram’s algorithm determines which posts receive the highest visibility. Sharing high quality posts will definitely get you on Instagram’s good side.

Invest in a good camera because the higher the quality of the photo the more likely it is to appear in the search feed and possibly go viral.

The algorithm also favors natural light, so take photos in the daytime if you can. You can also use tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to enhance your photos.


Make your captions more interesting as this will give your posts a chance of ranking higher! Show your personality in your caption and ask your audience questions.

Make sure that you are happy with the caption before you post it (e.g spell check and correct any grammatical errors) because if you edit the caption once it has been posted it will decrease the number of people that it reaches.


The more you post on Instagram the more followers you will gain. If your content is good and you post once everyday you can potentially gain 100+ followers per week.

If you have a business page then make sure you check your insights and post when your audience is most active. As as a result, your post will reach more people and you will get more engagement.


Use a maximum of 30 hashtags that relate to your niche. Make sure that you do not always use the same set of hashtags as Instagram picks this up as spam. Some people suggest that you should post hashtags separately from the caption but no real difference has been observed.


Don’t forget the social in social media! A lot of people want followers but don’t engage with the followers they already have. Replying when people leave comments is very important because it shows people that you genuinely care and it’s also a great way to get feedback.

Follow the top Influencers in your field, like and comment on their posts. This will help you to build relationships within your community and learn more.


A content calendar can be very useful. Planning what you will post in advance is a great time saver and means that you don’t have to spend hours on Instagram every day. I would suggest that you create content on a monthly basis or bi-weekly basis.


Instagram keeps on adding new features and they love it when you use them! Instagram favors accounts that use their new features so start sharing more stories, post on IGTV and go live!


Most importantly don’t forget to have fun! Share posts that you genuinely care about, create content that you love, enjoy the process and don’t buy Instagram followers!

If you have any other questions comment below!


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